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Concrete crushing unit.
“Love my Job - Great Team” 30 years Experience.
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Large / Small Commercial • Industrial • Farming • Residential


David has worked in the Demolition industry for over 30 years, his folio ranges from complex deconstruction of hospitals, theatres, civic halls and heritage building to simple projects such as lifting up driveways or preparing a property for the next stage of its life.

David has worked with large national companies working to exact schedules under strict conditions.

By working on site with his team David can coordinate the exact sequence of events needed to safely and successfully complete each contractors project, be it large or small.

Historic Work Securing a frontage in a public area, fenced and secured.
The bracing system we supplied was specifically designed for this
free standing unsupported facade wall. Public safety was paramount

Large steel beams were bolted through the facade wall to tie into the scaffold
bracing system, only then were we able to demolish this building.
At least 90% was done by hand.

Projects begin with council permits and engineer reports.
This work was staged to keep the hotel open at all times.
Public safety was always a priority.